How Autlo is helping to defeat the COVID-19 virus?

We reduce the risk of infection

The virus remains on plastic and metal for a few days (For more information: Eesti Arst).

Ticketing buttons for barrier parking at car parks are pressed thousands of times per day.

With Autlo app it is not necessary to buy a ticket as the barrier opens automatically.

Contactless payments reduce the risk of infection.

We help fulfill the 2+2 rule

It is important to maintain social-distancing to help reduce the spread of the virus.

There are often ATMs next to car park entrances, and thus it is not possible to always maintain a safe distance.

With Autlo app you can go directly to the exit, and the barrier opens automatically.

Keeping a safe distance from others reduces the risk of infection.

More efficient logistics

E-commerce is going relatively well, and couriers have their plates full of work.

Manual payments of parking takes more time, and thus some couriers end up serving fewer clients.

CityBee, like many other companies, are using Autlo to manage automatic parking.

Faster payments and avoiding forgetting saves both time and money.

Wider assistance in transportation

The movement of goods and services is now more crtitical than ever to prevent the economy grinding to a halt.

The Autlo parking app, number recognition technology and the management of external infrastructure will help us get the economy back on track.

A better economy means more work and better wages for all.

Stay healthy and let us know if we can help with anything else!

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