Digital Parking Operator Software

Software like the Swiss knife for a super-efficient parking operator.


Autlo's Digital Parking Operator Software will bring you easier work and more free time - with only a fraction of time and money - comparing to developing in-house.

It can empower a fully dedicated parking operator. It can be used if parking is only here to support your main activity.

We work both in open on-street parking and in parking houses and other gated areas. 

All products are built as modules, so you can take them all or use just some. There are APIs to integrate into existing systems. Yes, we help with set - up and migration.



Here is how you can benefit:

Parking Core Module
The backbone of your operations, where you define users and parking zones. Learn more.

Digital Parking Permits
Another backbone, where you manage sales. Learn more.

Parking Kiosks and Web Agents
A possibility to get free parking or discounts in shops or by service staff. Learn more.

Webpage and Customer Self-service
Your webpage, integrated with parking areas, permit sales, enforcement appeals, and payments. Learn more.

Payment Options
Bank links, debit and credit cards, physical payment machines, mobile apps, and monthly billing. Learn more.

License plate based gate-opening and payments
Automatic license plate recognition from any camera. Open gates, grant access, or do payments purely on ANPR. Learn more.

Event parking
The full suite of tools to organize parking in special events. Learn more.

Bookkeeping tools
Send the invoices and get paid. Automate book-keeping tasks. Learn more.

Enforcement app
Dedicated mobile app to check payments and permits, including printing of the fines. Learn more.

License plate-based enforcement
Automatic license plate recognition from any camera. Learn more.

Enforcement Management
Tools to display fines made, manage and reduce complaints, and improve collection rate. Learn more.

SMS & Email Messaging Tool
Connect to your customers through email or SMS. Send notifications, confirmations, payment reminders, and marketing messages. Learn more.

Business Intelligence
Keep a sharp eye on your operations. See the trends, make informed and clever decisions. Learn more

Monitoring and Alarms
Sometimes unexpected things happen. Get instant SMS reminder, if there is an emergency you have to address. Learn more

API integrations
If you have your internal system and want to use only some of the modules or if you need connections to industry partners, APIs are the right tool to use. Learn more.

White Label solutions
Sometimes you like the product but need your own branding. Sometimes you already have a product and want to integrate some parts. Learn more.

Consulting and Development
Is there anything you need unlisted? Ask us and we will make it happen!



Autlo Digital Parking Operator Software is developed inside the European Union according to the EU GDPR and privacy rules.

Design is always responsive, which means they are easily functional in computers, tablets, and smartphones.

We as a company look forward to ways how the transportation industry can tackle climate change, being one of the founders of Tech Green Pledge, being committed to making us climate neutral by 2030.

With Autlo, you get a team of dedicated parking and technology experts. We tackle design, development, and support. Our mission is to help you as a parking operator to succeed.  You do the business, we keep the systems up and running. 

Our team has a long experience with parking technologies. We have participated in launching SMS parking in 2001, enforcement mobile apps in 2008, automatic on-street payments in 2015, and license plate based parking in 2017. 



Do you already run parking operations? Or are just launching your first parking lot?

We have done all this before. Why should you invent the wheel again?

Let's see, how could we help you!


Kristjan Konks (CEO) or +372 5072 514

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