Start-up teached cars to do mobile parking payments
7. July 2015

Start-up Autlo with EMT developed an unique solution, which to our knowledge is new worldwide. Car is equipped with SIM card and device, which monitors ignition and when turning ignition off, starts parking in right parking zone and when leaving, ends parking automatically. The cost will be added to mobile bill.

Solution consists a device equipped with EMT SIM card, which is plugged to car standard diagnostic port (OBD2). Thanks to SIM card and GPS, it understands, when and where car started or ended paid parking. You have to download Autlo app, which informs about all start and end events. If needed, you can overrule the car decision. Service works in all newer cars with OBD2 port, in all open (without gates) parking zones, where you can pay with mobile phone and only for EMT customers.

“Mobile parking has been the most convenient way to pay and next generation fully automatic solution helps to do it even more conveniently. It is a magic feeling, when car does something for you”, said Autlo CEO Kristjan Konks.

Eesti Telekom head of new businesses Holger Haljand said, that it is a good example, how we can with co-operation with startups to deliver new value to customers. In this case we reduce even more the work, when paying for parking. The goal is to eliminate fully the need tho thing about it – what is the zone, is it paid or not, how can I pay – this all can be handled by car. Today we open the service for all EMT customers, to deliver this vision” said Holger Haljand, the head of new businesses in Eesti Telekom.

“In June Eesti Telekom opened a VUNK accelerator just to promote similar co-operation, that more good ideas would become a reality and be used by customers. It is important to involve the customers early, that we could respond to more customer needs and wishes.” Holger Haljand added.

Solution works directly as an addition to EMT central parking payments system, being more accurate as manual mobile payments (mobile positioning).

The device can be bought from Autlo web for 169 euros or rent for 7,99 euros per month.

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