Automatic parking payments to Ecofleet customers
26. May 2016

Since today Ecofleet customers can use automatic parking payments without the need to buy an extra device. The service works based on existing Ecofleet device in your car and is free to use. The price for the parking is the same, as paying with the mobile phone, including starting fee 32 cents. Payment can be done with mobile operator Telia or Tele2 bill.

To activate automatic parking, fill in Ecofleet application.

Ecofleet is leading telematics service provider in central Europe with 60 000 customers in 23 countries.

Autlo is a startup, being the first in world to teach cars to pay for parking. Service works across Estonia in more than 200 parking zones with ca 40 000 places.

Additional information Ecofleet:
Mihkel Külaots
+372 519 40613

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