Automatic parking in Solaris parking house
16. March 2017

Automatic parking is now available in Solaris parking house. We, in co-operation with EuroPark, have developed new automatic parking solution, where you do not need to take a ticket and gate opens automatically.

Automatic parking works with Autlo mobile app, based on automatic license plate recognition. If you enter the gate, license plate is recognized and if you are Autlo customer, gate opens, mobile payment is activated and your phone receives a push notification. Exit works the same way – you drive to exit gate, number plate is recognized, the payment is ended and gate opens.

Payment is done with Telia, Tele2 or Elisa mobile bill. Solaris client price is applied automatically, which otherwise requires marking parking ticket in Solaris shops, plus mobile parking payment fee 32 cents.

Now we have started trial period, first payments are successfully done. We invite everybody to test and give the feedback! Together with EuroPark we continue the development, the goal is to open automatic parking payment to all car owners to all EuroPark parking houses.

Autlo is Estonian start-up, who to our knowledge was the first in world to offer fully automatic parking solution. The vision is to be ready today for self driving cars, where the driver has to do nothing, IE parking and payments are automatic.

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