Tornimäe parking house now ready for automatic parking
5. December 2017

Automatic parking is now available in Tornimäe parking house. Automatic parking works for clients of Autlo app based on car license plate. When you enter, license plate recognition reads your car plate, gate opens and payment begins. You get a push notification about started parking. Same applies to exit – you drive to gate and we recognize the plate. If gate opens, the payment will be made. The cost is added to your mobile bill.

We started automatic parking based on licence plate recognition in Solaris parking house in March and in Rävala in September. During last 6 months, the project has proved to be viable and clients are very satisfied with this new convenience, so we introduced this to our oldest parking house in Tornimäe. In the future we plan to add devices also to Tartu Tasku center and to other bigger parking houses,” said EuroPark Marketing and Communication Manager Kristel Kongas.

The payment is done with Telia, Tele2 or Elisa mobile phone bill. Additional mobile operator service fee is 32 cents.

There are several discounts available in Tornimäe, which can be added in Autlo app: open it and scan the code with phone camera.

Europark is the biggest parking operator in Estonia, who operates hundreds of parking areas across Estonia and is active in 7 countries in Northern and Central Europe.

Autlo is Estonian startup with vision to fully automate parking, including to guide the infrastructure and to do the payments, being already today ready for self driving cars.

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