Terms of usage

  1. Autlo service is automatic parking payments, including start, stop and billing. Service is based on car status and GPS coordinates or on licence plate.
  2. For using the service, you have to install and configure Android or iPhone app and either install Autlo device or configure app to monitor a connection between phone and car.
  3. Service works in all joined parking zones. New parking zones or other terms are updated in background (independent from app updates).
  4. By using the service, the user agrees data transfer and actions like parking start, parking stop and payments.
  5. Payments are made through payment operators and according their terms.
  6. Service requires mobile phone network coverage and active data connection. If mobile coverage is absent or there are other technical problems (when app front page does not show started parking in right zone), use other payment methods instead.
  7. Data collection and storage.
    1. Storage time 1 minute: Autlo device current position. Needed for alerts in case of towing away.
    2. Storage time 4 months: parking start and end time, location and navigation 1 minute prior; phone movement during paid parking; system configuration, turning service on or off, Autlo device connect or disconnect time. Needed for starting and stopping parking accurately, for giving appropriate reminders and for solving possible disputes.
    3. Storage time 8 years: billed parking events, location as parking zone name. Basic data according to bookkeeping rules.
    4. Autlo does not store driving data, path, speed or any other information not related to parking. If automatic parking is turned off or the device is removed, nothing is saved.
  8. If you sell the car, you have to disable it, by entering new licence plate. Until change you are responsible for every payment made.
  9. If you want to end using automatic parking, then you have to open app settings and disable automatic parking both on-street and in parking houses. Until this you are responsible for every payment made.
    NB! If you delete the app, then this does not disable automatic parking.
  10. If there is no usage during 3 months, then automatic parking will be deactivated automatically. You can re-enable automatic parking in app settings.
  11. Appeals can be made until 3 months after the parking event. Later appeals are not accepted, as data is deleted.

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