Parking Enforcement App

Parking enforcement

Parking at a prime location is a scarce resource. Without regulation, parking becomes a mess. Without enforcement, the regulation does not work. 


We give you tools to manage allowed vehicles, parking time, payments, discounts, and much much more. Yes, you can and should encourage compliance!


Enforcement App works hand - in hand with the Enforcement Management and handles the related processes.




What are the main use cases, where you can use the parking enforcement app?

Paid parking

Time-limited parking

Residents and permitted parking

Reserved and priority parking

Which applies to you? 


How does the parking enforcement app work?


The parking enforcement app runs on any regular Android phone. 

Printing is done with any durable outdoor printer, like Zebra, Custom, or similar. And if you use plastic instead of paper, then you do not need an additional bag around it. Even pictures can be printed.




Main functionality


Log in to the zone
Validate the inspector and his rights
Select between different parking zones
Validate location and signs with the pictures


Check the car rights
Control by the plate
See the current status
See previous unpaid fines
Bonus feature: automatic license plate recognition with the phone camera.


Easy to understand messaging
Red - Not valid. No right to park.
Yellow - Investigate. Known car but something is not right. It can be that the permit just ended, payment is overdue, payment is in another zone, etc.
Green - Valid. Everything is ok. You see a reason, what allowed parking, like permit type, payment application, etc.


Issue fines, if needed
Print instantly on site
Weatherproof print, no need for a plastic bag
Select between different types like fine or warning
All issued fines are instantly uploaded to the database

Total time from control to fine issuing: 30 seconds.


Are you already operating parking? Or just launching the first lot? 

There is a software like the Swiss knife for a super-efficient parking operator.

So why should you invent the wheel again? Let's discuss, how can we help! 


Kristjan Konks (CEO) or +372 5072 514






* Parking Enforcement App is just one part of the Digital Parking Operator Software. To see the full power, click here.

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