Discount in EuroPark until the end of the year
14. сентябрь 2016

Press release: Automatic parking helps to avoid fines and saves money

EuroPark with start-up Autlo offers unique automatic parking solution, which works based on mobile app. Autlo app starts and ends parking by itself.

“With Autlo, we are taking next step towards future,“ says EuroPark Estonia CEO Karol Kovanen. „Our goal is to offer convenient and modern parking service and we wish, that we should not issue no parking tickets at all. If car starts and selects the right zone by itself, you avoid fines caused by forgetting or mistaking with license plate number. Additionally you save money, because can not forget to end the payment.”

Autlo app monitors phone and car Bluetooth connection. If connection is lost, parking is activated in phone location. If connection is established, parking is ended. Autlo CEO Kristjan Konks explains, that app and car do all the work and you get a push notification. „Solution is risk free, because if needed, you can i first 3 minutes cancel the payment or change zone. And it works even then, when you are in a middle of a phone conversation”, Konks adds.

„Estonia has been in the forefront of mobile parking,” says Kovanen. „15 years ago introduced mobile parking has acquired 90% market share. EuroPark has always invested in technological advancements, which make our clients life easier. Now we can, with start-up Autlo, introduce next generation – automatic parking.”

Autlo app can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play. Parking price is according parking area pricing, plus mobile operator parking service fee 32 cents. Payment can be done with Telia or Tele2 bill.

To encourage to try a good solution, EuroPark gives to Autlo users 50% discount in all EuroPark open parking areas until the end of the year. Discount applies on next workday after app install and usage.

Additional information:
EuroPark Estonia OÜ CEO Karol Kovanen
+372 521 7790

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