Automatic license plate based parking expanded to Stockmann parking house
22. июнь 2018

Automatic license plate based parking and mobile payment is a convenience, which is used by many customers. Since June 2018 you can use automatic license plate based parking also in Tallinn Stockmann parking house.

Automatic license plate recognition based parking works with Autlo mobile app. Customer vehicles are recognized on entrance. Gate opens automatically both on entrance and on exit, parking fee is added to mobile phone bill as with regular mobile parking. All discounts are valid, for what you have to open Autlo app and add applicable discount, scanning the Stockmann cheque barcode or a QR code, which is in the parking validator.

„Estonia has been on the forefront in many digital areas. Parking is no exception. Our goal is to be close to customer and offer a service, which is modern, convenient and easy to use. We started with Autlo to offer automatic license plate based service in the beginning of 2017. As the pilot in Solaris has been very successful, then we have added all our parking houses. EuroPark started operating in Stockmann in the end on last year and automatic parking tests followed few months later. Today the system works nicely and is – as a joy for fans of automatic parking – usable also for Stockmann customers,” said Kristel Kongas, EuroPark Estonia head of marketing and communications.

Automatic license plate recognition based parking works in Tallinn besides Stockmann also in Solaris, Balti Jaama Turg, Rävala and Tornimäe parking houses and in Tartu Tasku parking house. Besides you can use automatic payments also in all on – street parking lots.

EuroPark is the biggest parking operator in Estonia, who operates and develops parking across Estonia. EuroPark runs approximately 400 parking and inspection areas and 7 parking houses.

Autlo is Estonian startup with vision to fully automate parking, including to guide the infrastructure and to do the payments, being already today ready for self driving cars.

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