Parking fast and easy. The most parking areas across Estonia,
including on street, private lots and parking houses.

Payment by bank card. Monthly consolidated invoicing for companies.

Let the car work for you. When parked, you get a push notification to your phone. Parking clock is automatic (no need to add manually).
Free parking time calculation is automatic. You can not forget to disable paying after driving away.
Avoids fines
Have you ever tried to speak with phone and park a car in the same time? Do you know, that the main reason for fines is forgetting?
Risk free
If something is not right, then in first three minutes you can change zone or cancel payment.

How does it work?

App watches phone and car Bluetooth connection*.
If connection is lost, parking will be started in phone location.
If connection is established, parking will be ended.

Try it yourself! Download app:

*If you do not use Bluetooth, you can still use the app manually or order car device.

Parking houses


Now you can park automatically in parking houses*. It means:

1. You arrive at the entrance, we recognize car license plate, activate payment and open the gate.

2. You arrive to exit, we recognize car license plate, end the payment and open the gate.

No need for tickets, no need to search for a payment machine. Learn more at FAQ.

*Works in Balti Jaama Turg, Rävala, Solaris, Stockmann, Tasku, Tornimäe and Viru Keskus parking houses.

Autlo in media

TV show Ringvaade test:


Perioodil 07.11.2013 kuni 06.05.2015 viidi Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fondi kaasrahastamisel ellu projekt „Tasulise või lubadega või ajalise piiranguga parkimise automatiseerimise ja võimalike vigade parandamise süsteem". Projekt sai tuge EAS-i Innovatsiooniosakute toetusmeetmest.

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