Automatic Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR)


Automatic license plate recognition (also known as ALPR, ANPR, or LPR) is monitoring the camera video feed and recognizes the vehicle by the license plate.

It is used in parking houses and other gated areas for license plate-based automatic gate opening and payments. You do not have to take a ticket or press any buttons, the gate just opens.

The second use case is the Parking Enforcement App. You can check allowed vehicles and their permits or payments simply by showing the car to the phone camera.

The benefits of Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) are :
 Accuracy – the software is trained to understand different license plates, including an emphasis on the local standards
 Speed – works in a second
 Flexible - works with all available cameras
 Control - you can access and control the system both from a computer and from a mobile phone
 History - overview of visits, search by car, and time period

We also offer controllers for controlling barriers and gates.
 Flexibility - works with any gate or barrier
 Convenience - automatic opening of barriers for authorized vehicles
 Security - contactless access

Usecases are:
Automatic gate opening and payments
Permit control, time control 
Commercial buildings and hotels
Apartment buildings and gated residential areas
Industry, production, factories
Harbors and airports
Security and border control


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