We have created a novel type of E-insurance for vehicles, where you only pay for insurance when you actually use the vehicle. Autlo has created mobile apps and automatic counting of driving days with the car device. Payment is done with Telia mobile billing, and the insurance provider is ERGO.

  • Subscription and use through the convenient mVehicle mobile app
  • Automatic turning on and off of insurance upon adding a GPS device
  • Also extendable to hull with a GPS device
  • Payment on the basis of Telia’s mobile invoice of the following month according to the number of days spent driving
  • An option to insure both a car or a motorcycle

Look up the insurance calculator and further information on Telia homepage.

A unique solution at the Estonian market, which offers you insurance based on its consumption rate.
The insurance price depends on the number of used days – with an automatic insurance you may save up to 60% per month. Provided that you do not use the vehicle at all during the month for which you have purchased the insurance.
You will need a valid client contract of Telia mobile number for subscription. All information required for signing and activating the contract will be available while using the mVehicle mobile app.
Payment is made on the basis of Telia’s next month mobile invoice according to the number of driving days.

Download the app:

Autlo Android Application Autlo iTunes Application

See additional information on Telia homepage or ERGO homepage.

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