No Bluetooth in your car?

Installation is easy. Put device to diagnostic port (OBD2), which is usually near pedals, but can also be in a center console under the ashtray, or in the armrest.

Autlo tracker

Car device


Price includes a mobile SIM card. All monthly data fees are included in this price for as long as you use the service.

Device understands when and where you park. Decisions made are visible in the Autlo app. You can also use it with automatic insurance mVehicle.

Device goes as a plug-in to car diagnostic port (OBD2), which is located around the driver seat. It is most often near the pedals, but can also be in the center console. Google OBD, with your car make and model, and look for any relevant pictures.

OBD2 port is present since:

  • 1996 - cars sold in US
  • 2001 - gasoline cars sold in EU
  • 2004 - diesel cars sold in EU
  • If OBD2 port is absent, then you can order OBD socket and install it yourself after the ignition. And if the device does not fit, then you can order OBD extension.



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    If you are a customer of FleetComplete, then you already have a device in your car.
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