Mobile Parking

Mobile parking is an easy and convenient way to pay for parking, which you can use all over Estonia in all cities and in most paid parking lots.

Here you will find a comparison of different mobile parking methods and instructions, as well as observations to allow mobile parking to run smoothly.

Historically, the first way to pay for parking was a parking machine. The disadvantage of a parking machine is that, as a rule, it is somewhere further away, and it must be found first. Mobile parking, which you can start and end in your car, is much more convenient, especially in the rain, cold and snow. There is another disadvantage of using a parking machine, in that you have to decide in advance how long you need to park. However, with mobile parking, you can pay for exactly how long you park.

Historically, the first form of mobile parking was SMS parking. SMS parking originated even before the spread of smartphones.

To start SMS parking, send an SMS to number 1902 with the car number and zone name, for example 123ABC Kesklinn. To end SMS parking, call 1903.

SMS parking can be used only by customers of Estonian mobile operators, and payment is only possible with a mobile phone bill and for one car at a time. Parking can also be forgotten, and the maximum parking time is limited. Finally, it is difficult to extend or stop parking from abroad. NB! When parking by SMS, it is important to check that you did not make any mistakes regarding the car number or zone name.

The most common form of mobile parking today is mobile parking with the smartphone app. For example, looking at Autlo app, it has several advantages:

+ You can select the correct parking zone directly on the map, so you are less likely to make a mistake regarding the parking zone. Often, a city street and private parking zone are side by side.

+ You can compare the prices of different car parks nearby. Often, there is a remarkably cheaper zone nearby.

+ The app calculates the free parking time itself, and in addition you only pay for the necessary parking time. If you use SMS, then when free time is up, for example after 15 minutes, you should send a SMS.

+ You can use different payment methods. In addition to mobile payments, you can pay with a bank card or a consolidated company account.

+ You can use notifications and automation so you don't forget to start or stop the parking.

+ You can also use it in parking garages, where the gates open themselves, thus removing the need of taking a ticket. Payment is contactless, safe and quick.

All of the above means that mobile parking with a smart app is faster, cheaper and more convenient than all other payment methods.

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