Automatic licence plate recognition

Autlo has developed a licence plate recognition system, which we use in parking houses for automatic payments and for opening of the gates. The software monitors the camera feed and recognizes the cars entering.

It is characterized by:

Accuracy – we have trained the software to understand different license plates
Speed – we detect the car number in a second
Flexible - works with all available cameras
Control - you can access and control data both from a computer and from a mobile phone
History - overview of visits, search by car and time period

Would you like to give it a try? Here is is a list of car parks where Autlo number plate recognition works.

We also offer controllers for controlling barriers and gates.
Convenience - automatic opening of barriers for authorized vehicles
Security - contactless access


Commercial buildings and hotels
Apartment buildings and gated residential areas
Industry and production
Harbors and airports
Security and parking
Customer loyality and payments

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